I’m going to start with a disclaimer this is not a fully fledged polished game engine more a proof of concept and hopefully something to show the way. If you want more features then please add them 🙂

So I wanted to create a little demo showing what Entity Systems can do for you and why you should care. Now they solve a lot of structural issues but also by there nature are data driven. This means by being a bit clever we can get automated serialisation. A fancy way of saying we can save the game state with out writing any special code. If we are a bit smarter still we can create an Editor that will magically work for any components we add. What’s more this editor works “in game” as you are playing you can tweak and save you levels. Arrow keys to move and E to bring up the editor.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

Obviously there is a lot missing both from the editor and the engine. But hopefully for those who don’t quite know where to start with Entity Systems this will be a nudge in the right direction.

The code for the demo is here on git hub. The code for engine is here and it uses Ember2


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